We have collected a great deal of pictures and videos throughout our journey.

Please enjoy learning our story.

Our field manager Mr Bung Henry receiving improved corn seeds for planting.

That seed we received above was so useful.

We are so grateful.

We are blessed to live in part of the world where our crops get a lot of sunlight.

It is very photogenic scenery.

The harvesting of the maize is a welcome day.

It is a big job.

Very hot.

But very rewarding.

After the job is done, we have to transport the maize back to the barn.

It takes several trips.

It is a glorious moment.

Looking around at the beautiful greenery, filled with life.

Birds, bees, fruits, and high trees.


We love to look back on our work and feel good about it.

We are lucky to live is such a beautiful country, with amazing people.

It is a great thing to realise this, and embrace it.

It’s not all hard work here.

When we finish a great job, we celebrate.

Our celebrations usually include a traditional sing-song.

That is what happens at the end.

But we always have to start from the beginning.

Here, on January 1st, we gather for a meeting to discuss the future.

Never have I seen so much bread on a single table.

We will soon need another table.

Sometimes we have more help when we need.

Nobody can resist the delicious smell of freshly baked bread.

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