Farm Fresh Vegetables
P.O Box 94 Wum, Menchum Division Fungom Sub-Division NWR, Cameroon

About Us

We started in 2016 with a great ambition. To cultivate a resilient community and a stronger future by providing food security with sustainable agricultural development.

That ambition, that dream, has now become a reality.

Our happy community all pitch in to push us all forward, together.

The beginning of our power station.

We started with the land.

We cultivated our crops.

We provided our village with fresh and delicious food.

We pushed forward.

We harnessed our communal spirit and drive.

But we didn’t stop there.

Progress requires innovation and creativity.

We started building our power station.

The foundation of our new bakery.

We built our bakery.

We started with a strong foundation.

Our progress continued.

We reinforced our oven with concrete to make it last for a generation.

Then, one day, we baked our first batch of potato bread!

The beginning of everything matters… but what really matters is the end.

If we saw the bread in 2016, that came out of our oven today, in 2021, we would have been amazed.

It is so wonderful!

The moment we baked the first bread, was a great moment.

To the workers, the people that contributed, everybody who lent a helping hand – we are all grateful for their fantastic efforts.

Their initiative and hard work made – what was in the beginning only a dream – a reality.