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We take great pride in the food we produce and our collaborative efforts have brought so much joy and security to our community.


Our food security and agriculture programs aim to improve rural livelihoods through sustainably increasing agricultural production and sales thus enhancing food security for the poor. Our programs target farmers and farmer groups, youths, womens, and others in agriculture, enabling them to effectively pursue profitable agricultural activities and escape the cycle of poverty, and engage in community developmental activities.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Food security refers to having a consistent amount of nutritious food. This condition is marked by regular nutritious meals minus interruptions due to lack of resources, mobility issues, or adverse circumstances.

Food insecurity is the lack of a necessary amount of food based on guidelines of what a person should consume on a daily basis. Hunger can be triggered by a lack of food, or missed meals, but food insecurity refers to a condition of not getting enough nutritious food. Hunger is a bodily response to the lack of food, which could be due to lack food or simply temporary circumstances.

Food insecurity can be the result of a number of possible causes. Some major causes include unemployment, underemployment, single parenthood, being elderly, sick, or disabled. Food insecurity can also impact these groups in a number of ways. Depending on the circumstance it can lead to a lack of adequate nutrition, insufficient variety of food, and inadequate food supplies.

The belief that only poor people lack food security is not always the case. Anytime someone’s access to adequate amounts of healthy nutritious food is blocked, they are not food secure. Many single mothers have steady jobs but cannot afford enough groceries due to the cost of living. This person is not necessarily impoverished, but they are in a position where they are inhibited from getting enough healthy food. Likewise, a senior citizen may live comfortably at home, with a steady income but may lack the mobility to get to the store as often as they need.

There are a number of ways to help remedy food insecurity and help bring hunger relief to those who have an immediate need for food help. Food insecurity can be addressed directly by providing distribution of groceries and essential items to people struggling to put regular healthy meals on the table.

You can also address this type of hunger problem through helping people with skills training, agriculture projects, and small business support, so that they can earn better income. This can allow them to remain food secure far into the future.

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